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IT 'Aerosvit-2006'

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General Tournament Information
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 Place and time

AR Crimea, Yalta, settlement Foros, June 17 – 30, 2007.

 Main chief

International arbiter L.M. Bodankin (Ukraine)

 Organizing Committee

Tabachnik D.V.,

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine    Honorary Chairman

Petrov V.M.,

President of the Ukrainian Chess Federation – Co-Chairman

Mayberg A.S.,

General Director of the Air-Carrier “Aerosvit” - Co-Chairman



Kiselyov F.V.,

President of the Chess federation of AR Crimea

Jarusskiy M.Y.,

General Director of the SC “Foros”

Bykov A.M.,

Chairman of the Settlement Soviet of the settl. Foros

Bodankin L.M.,

Honorary Vice-President of the Ukrainian Chess Federation, Chief Arbiter of the Tournament

Trotsenko O.S.,

Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Air-Carrier “Aerosvit”,

Executive Director of the Tournament


Members of the Management

Tymoshenko L.V.,

Leading Coach on Chess of the Ministry of Ukraine on affairs of family, youth and sports,

Director of the Tournament

Bondarchuk D.I.,

Deputy of the General Director of the Air-Carrier “Aerosvit”

Javorsky A.I.,

Deputy of editor-in-chief of the “Sporting Gazeta” newspaper,

Head of the Tournament Press Centre

Zhuk V.M.,

Director of the Simferopol Chess and Checkers Club


        1. The competition is conducted in the sanatorium complex “Foros” in settlement Foros  of the AR Crimea from June 17th (day of arrival), to June 30th, 2007 (day of departure) by a round robin system among 12 personally invited participants in 11 rounds with one rest day.


         2. Competition is conducted in accordance with the Rules of Chess and the Tournament rules of FIDE with the use of electronic clock.


         3. Time control: 120 minutes to each participant for all the game with addition of 30 sec. after every move, starting from the first move.


         4. Day of arrival - Sunday, June 17th, 2007.

        Technical meeting and drawing of lots of participants – Sunday, June 17th at 20:00 local time.

Opening ceremony of the competition – Monday, June 18th, at 11:00 and the 1st round at 15:00.

Start of the rounds 2-11 – at 15:00.

The rest day – Sunday, June 24th.

Closing Ceremony will be after finished the last 11th round on Friday, June 29th.

Day of departure – Saturday, June 30th .


        5.  Any use of mobile communication means in a playing area is forbidden. Participant whose mobile telephone make a sound signal during the round, will be considered defeated.


         6. Places are determined by quantity of scores. In the case of equality of scores of the two or more participants, the places are determined (in order of priorities) on:

          -  result of the direct encounter;

  -  Sonneborn-Berger system;
  -  number of won games.