Anna Ushenina arrives to the native Kharkiv in Ukraine


First time in the history of the independent Ukraine a chessplayer got the title of the World Women Chess Champion. Anna Ushenina, 27-years old from Kharkiv, won in the final against former world champion Bulgarian Antoaneta Stefanova.

              On December 3rd, 2012 in Kharkiv a festive meeting of the World Women Chess Champion Anna Ushenina was held. Anna became the Champion at the recent knock-out world championship that took place from the 10th of November to the 1st of December 2012 in Khanty-Mansiysk in Russia.

Many supporters came to the airport in order to congratulate Anna with a brilliant achievement and to organize a warm meeting on the native land. Among them were her mother Olga, friends, colleagues and admirers, local authorities and the chess federation representatives, in particularly President of the Kharkiv Region Chess Federation, rector of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Gusarov, Head of Family, Youth and Sports Department of Kharkiv Region State Administration Dmitry Perepelitsa, vice rector of NU "Law Academy of Ukraine", President of Chess Club "Law Academy" Anatoly Getman, Anna’s coach and manager, first vice president of the Kharkiv Chess Federation Gennady Krugovoy.

President of the Ukrainian Chess Federation Viktor Kapustin followed the competition online from the official business trip abroad. On his behalf, Head of the UCF International Cooperation Commission Olena Boytsun greeted Anna Ushenina on a brilliant victory.

President of the Ukrainian Chess Federation Viktor Kapustin congratulated Anna Ushenina on the historic victory: “This striking success became possible due to years of Anna’s daily hard work and her outstanding personal qualities – endurance, strong will and confidence. Anna Ushenina is an example commitment and talent, professionalism and chess excellence, she is the pride of Ukraine!” Till now none of the Ukrainian women chessplayers even fought in the final for the world chess crown. Viktor Kapustin expressed confidence that this important event in the history of national chess would be the beginning of a new stage in development of chess in Ukraine.

Anna Ushenina was welcomed as a true hero with numerous flowers and greetings. Correspondents from national and regional media asked to share fresh impressions about the competition and winning the title. After meeting at the airport all the participants went to Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, where a press conference was held as well as a reception in her honor. There were many pleasant gifts waiting for Anna - sweet chess pies, laptop, unusual chess set – as well as congratulations and sincere wishes from colleagues, friends, coaches, fans and officials.

Anna Ushenina got congratulations from the highest officials of Ukraine. The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich officially congratulated Anna for her brilliant achievement as well as the Prime-Minister of Ukraine Nikolai Azarov, Head of the Sport Committee of the Parliament of Ukraine Pavel Kostenko, Vice-Prime-Minister Raisa Bogatyreva.  The Ukrainian Chess Federation plans to hold a big chess celebration in honor of Anna Ushenina in December in Kiev.

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